The making of a card range

Even wondered what goes into the making of a card range?

It’s easy to forget when we’re browsing a shop that hours of work has gone into everything we see. So I thought I’d give you a peek at how it all happens – where the inspiration comes from and the processes along the way.

This month: my new range of Yorkshire cards!


Step one: make a list!

All good things start with a list. I wrote down all the Yorkshire phrases I could think of, then ringed my favourites and tried to make sure they ticked various boxes for occasions: birthday celebration, congratulations, just-because, etc. 


 Step 2: Sketch! 

Next comes the bit where I turn my list into designs, via some extended doodling. I knew I wanted the design to be mainly text with some splats to give them a bit of life, so I kept them really simple. 

Step 3: Paint! 

This is the bit I like best. Watercolour calligraphy is one of my favourite things to do ever - it's so meditative, calming and ultimately satisfying! Adding splats is sometimes stressful - I've ruined many a good painting with ill-placed splats - but fortunately these went ok. 

Step 4: Scan in, tidy up and send to print

This is where I scan my paintings in and transfer them to my computer, where I tidy up any bits I'm not happy with, tweak bits and lay the designs onto the card template. This is how the card looks when I send it to the printer - the front and back are side-by-side and the fold is in the middle. 

Step 5: Wait impatiently for the printing people to do their thing

This is the worst bit because it comes with ALL the emotions: I'm desperate to get my new cards back, but terrified that I'll have messed them up somehow!

Step 6: The cards arrive... 

... and it involves the same emotional trauma as step 5! But THANK GOODNESS they're fine. 

Step 7: Celebrate new card range! 

It doesn't always go this well, but these came out brilliantly and I'm a happy Jules :)

You can buy my Yorkshire cards (and many other lovely and very reasonably priced designs) here.



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