Create a watercolour festive forest

My daughter spent a lovely hour or so yesterday creating this festive forest, inspired by @natanazarian on Instagram. 

You’ll need:

  • Some fairly thick watercolour paper taped down to a board or other surface (so it doesn’t crinkle)
  • Watercolour paint and brushes (we also used some shimmering Finetec paints to add some extra pizzazz)
  • Water and paintbrushes
  • A white pen (we use Posca pens because they go on paint really well).

There are basically only two steps: 

1. Create the tree outlines by painting lots of blobs of paint. Use loads and LOADS of water and try to do some light trees and some darker ones. 

2. When it's all dry, paint patterns on top of the blobs to create the idea of leaves, snow and general interesting things!

And that's it!

As ever, be sure to wait until everything is dry before peeling off the tape and make sure you wash your brushes :)

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