How to paint lovely blendy watercolour Easter eggs

This is a really fun activity to do with kids over the Easter break - it's great for exploring watercolours and it's great for making Easter cards too! 


You’ll need:

  • Some fairly thick watercolour paper taped down to a board or other surface (so it doesn’t crinkle)
  • Watercolour paint 
  • Water and paintbrushes
  • A white pen (we use Posca pens because they go on paint really well).

Step 1: Begin by painting an egg, using LOADS of water mixed into the paint. This will make sure it stays wet enough until you've done the next few eggs so that the paint can blend into the next colour. 

Step 2: Paint another egg next to it, but don't let the colours touch until you've finished painting it. Once they're painted, lightly tough the joining bit, so that the two colours bleed into each other. It's lovely seeing how the paint behaves - how it just goes where it likes and how really interesting blends of colours are formed. 

Continue painting in this way until you have loads of eggs! I often do them in rainbow colours, but any colourway is fine.


Step 3: When dry, use the white pen to draw shapes on top of your Easter eggs.

Optional Step 4: Send to family and friends as Easter cards! 

Super-important Step 5: ALWAYS wash your brushes to keep them nice for next time. Enjoy! 

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