PRINT SECOND: A4 print - Dream big little one
Now Then, Sunshine

PRINT SECOND: A4 print - Dream big little one

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A perfectly imperfect A4 print 'second', featuring the words: 'Dream big, little one'. Taken from an original watercolour painting, this hand-lettered wall art measures 29.7cm x 21cm and will add a stylish vibe to a child's wall! 

What's a print 'second'?

Print 'seconds' are prints that haven't come out 100% perfectly. They're perfectly fine as pieces of art, but they're just not quite perfect enough to sell at full price. There may be a blemish on the paper, a splodge of ink somewhere, a misaligned print or the corner may be slightly bent.

    Why's THIS one a 'second'?

    There are a few tiny spots here and there from when the original painting was scanned for the first time and printed to see what needed cleaning up!  

    Regardless of the imperfection, the design is still printed on high quality paper with a beautiful matte finish (frame not included) - grab a bargain today!