PRINT SECOND: A4 print - Dream big little one
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PRINT SECOND: A4 print - Dream big little one

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A perfectly imperfect A4 print 'second', featuring the words: 'Dream big, little one'. Taken from an original watercolour painting, this hand-lettered wall art measures 29.7cm x 21cm and will add a stylish vibe to a child's wall! 

What's a print 'second'?

Print 'seconds' are prints that haven't come out 100% perfectly. They're perfectly fine as pieces of art, but they're just not quite perfect enough to sell at full price. There may be a blemish on the paper, a splodge of ink somewhere, a misaligned print or the corner may be slightly bent.

    Why's THIS one a 'second'?

    This has been used in a print display and there are two teeny-tiny dents at the top but they're barely noticable - I couldn't even get a photo of them they're so small!

    Regardless of the imperfection, the design is still printed on high quality paper with a beautiful matte finish (frame not included).