Now Then, Sunshine! is about sending positivity out into the world through bright, beautiful designs and joyful modern calligraphy.

Jules, the artist behind the brand, taught herself calligraphy during maternity leave as an evening
hobby to help her relax and unwind. She loved the mindful, meditative nature of the medium and
started adding illustration and watercolours into her daily creations.

Over the years, Jules has gradually built up a range of colourful cards and bright wall art, drawing on
themes of female empowerment, mental wellbeing and the natural world as inspiration. She also
creates colouring books filled with happy phrases to help children develop a positive inner voice, as
well as planners, calendars and postcards – all designed to bring a little more sunshine into your life.

When not in her studio, Jules can be found pottering around the garden, creating art with her
children at the kitchen table, or jumping up and down at loud gigs, pretending she’s still 21. She
drinks eye-watering amounts of Yorkshire Tea and has great faith in how the smallest actions can
make a big difference.