Once upon a time there was an amazing free book initiative...

Heard of Little Free Libraries? Well, I spent rather a lot of the early part of March painting one!

If you don't know what it is, the Little Free Library project is "the world's largest book-sharing movement" - basically outdoor cabinets filled with books that you can take for free and leave books in there for others to take. It's a brilliant initiative to increase book access for all - and they're dotted all around the world. 

And because they're for fun and just a lovely neighbourhood thing, they're painted in eye-catching colours and designs to make them even lovelier. There are all sorts of gorgeous little libraries out there; I themed mine around children's books and fairytales, with a dark blue blackground so it (hopefully) weathers well.

I painted 20 little illustrations bursting out of an open book on the 'Once upon a time' side, all denoting a different children's book. Can you name them all? 


The other side read 'And they lived happily ever after', showing the final page of the book, with a couple of the illustrations poking out. 

The whole thing took at least 300% longer than I thought it would, but I learnt so much while doing it and I'm dead chuffed with the results. 

Be sure to look out for a Little Free Library near you! 


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