Make a washi-tape Window Landscape

This project was painted by my son and inspired by @artand__crafts on Instagram. I love how effective it is - as long as you make sure the tape is securely in place then you can paint whatever landscape you like!  

You'll need: 

  • Some fairly thick paper (so it doesn't crinkle too much)
  • Some kind of paper tape for the window (washi tape is great)
  • Paint and brushes - and anything else you want to add.

Begin by sticking the tape into the shape of the open window, ensuring the corners are stuck down well. Draw on your landscape in light pencil if you don't feel comfortable freestyling with paint on its own. 

Start adding paint - my son chose a sunset behind his cityscape here to make it as colourful and bright as possible. It's absolutely fine to paint over the tape!

When it's all completely dry, carefully pull off the tape. It's ridiculously tempting, but don't try and peel it off when the paint is wet it as it tears the paper below it, which messes up the paint and results in all manner of meltdowns! 

To finish off, my son added little white dots on the buildings with a Posca pen (these pens are great for holding their colour on top of other dark colours). And yay! Doesn't it look great? 

Other ideas we've tried include this Savannah Sunset, but the possibilites are endless! 

Oh, and don't forget to wash your brushes carefully to protect them and stop them from splaying :)

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